YOU Can be a Photographer!

Hello all!

My name is Casey Rose and I LOVE photography! I want to tell you that, contrary to popular belief,  you do not need a whole lot of fancy camera gear to take an amazing photograph. This is the future, folks! Currently, all around the world, thousands of breath takingly awesome photos are being taken with simple camera phones. There are several ebooks out there currently that can teach you all the knick and tricks of photographing with your phone's camera.

You don’t need to worry about spending tons of money; you can take wonderful photographs with your phone’s camera, right now! While not even mentioning the impressive quality of the tiny cameras found on the back on our phones, there are also many apps you can buy that can transform you into an instant photographer!

For instance, to attain the smooth, white streak water look in pictures with a traditional camera, you would need a tripod and long exposure. With your phone, however, you can download the Slow Shutter Cam app, and bam! You have yourself a professional looking photo.

Now, get out there and take some amazing photos!

Until next time,
Casey Rose